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Retired Tube Socks

Digital Woodland Camo
If Tron were a deer hunter, he'd be all over this.

The equivalent of a slow moving vehicle sign, cloth swatches like this were often hung from the back of Mesoamerican Amish carts.

Proof that not all frogs wear jumpsuits. These camouflaged croakers are soft as kitten butts in their flannel frog fatigues. Did you know that a group of frogs is called an Army? And armies wear camo. Serendipity.

Remember what the door mouse said. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Butterfly Riot
Pretty little self-propelled flowers will fill your dreams with - Hey! Ack! Get it off me!

Starlight Star Bright
Warm and soft, these flannel stars, will keep me safe from jaguars. Bigfoots, raptors, cold green beans, won't interrupt my happy dreams.

Picasso's Underpants
Pablo only ever did his own laundry once, and everything came out looking like this. Inspired, he later "discovered" Cubism.

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone.

Warm and soft like a Big Sky sunset ...but without the pesky coyotes and rattle snakes.

Wild Blue Yawnder
If you've ever wondered why you never see pilots in sky-blue camo, consider the US Air Force is a lot better at it than anyone else.

A Two-dog Night
The number of dogs sharing your bed should reflect your locale. For instance, three dogs on a two-dog night can make one hot under the collie.

All Skate
Weeks of practice are about to pay off as you leave your basket of french fries behind and steer into an intercept course toward that cutie who comes here every Wednesday. You spin around, skating backwards, Dentyne smile flashing, and your eyes meet for a perfect moment, a heartbeat in time that only you two share. A little blob of ketchup on one's nose in such a situation ultimately defines the word "perspective".

Oh oh oh ooh Aurora
Sunrise paints a breathtaking watercolor welcome to a new day filled with promise. What a pleasant way to start fresh and forget the long night you just spent in a haunted house with the Andrews Sisters.

Too obscure?
Well, click the play button and brighten your day!

Lizard Twister
Right foot blue! Left foot red! Tail on green!

From this flower's nectar sipped, A bug, whose tiny shout, "bonsai!", Echoed like a cracking whip, Became the world's first fire fly.

Flannel Cheer
Soft flannel is the stuff dreams are made of. Some say that it's the happiest feeling in all the world. Sort of "Sound of Music" meets a fluffy bunny's tummy.

Dakota Dream
Never play strip poker with a coyote. They cheat.

Fuzzy Logic
The difference between theory and practice, in practice, is greater than the difference between theory and practice, in theory. For example, the moon was once believed to be made of cheese until astronauts proved it was actually rock. Of course, left-out cheese turns to rock. Hmm...

Pizza in an Explosion Factory
Sometimes these guys name themselves, you know?

Lift your spirits with a Tube Sock™

Our CPAP machine hose covers are soft, colorful, and they practically hug you, kiss you, and call you George.

Soft as a kitten's butt, your very own Tube Sock (you might even want to give it a about Paul?) tames that CPAP snore machine and promotes happy feelings of contentment. Really!  Want to learn more?

CLICK HERE to see our complete line of colorful CPAP hose covers in fleece, flannel, and cotton blends.