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Tubesocks - CPAP hose covers that don't suck

Our Tubesock covers are machine washable (gentle cycle), and each one is proudly made in Indiana, USA.


Whether you choose a fleece cover for its excellent insulating properties, or one of our other flannel or cotton blends, your very own Tube Sock (you might even want to give it a about Paul?) will make you happy.

Our fleece tube socks offer the greatest amount of insulation, so they protect most against washout.  What's washout?  It's that awful cupful of water in the face at two in the morning caused by condensation inside the hose.

An insulating hose cover cuts down on condensation.  No condensation, no washout!

Soft and warm to the touch, our flannel hose covers add instant comfort and coziness to that plastic snake monster draped over your headboard.
Cotton Blends
A colorful hose cover clothed in Harley flames or daisies is much more fun than that unattractive, gray plastic hose. 

Our brightly colored cotton blends are made from fun.  And happiness.  But mostly from cotton blends.