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CPAP hose covers that don't suck

Let's face it.  A CPAP machine can make your bedroom feel like Dr. Frankenstein's lab.

Sleep apnea is no picnic, and sleeping with a CPAP machine strapped to your face is a drag.  But it's better than snoring your head off every night.

When I brought my CPAP machine home, I really hated it.  My wife wanted to lift my spirits, so she created the very first Tube Sock - a cotton blend hose sleeve that camouflaged the bulky rubber tube.  Hose condensation problems (washout) stopped, and I felt like I had tamed this bulky piece of whirring irritation draped over me.

Our CPAP Tube Socks accomplish two things.  Depending on the design you choose, a hose cover will camouflage the hose or make it a playful accent instead of a sterile-looking piece of medical equipment.  Plus, our flannel and fleece covers provide extra insulation to minimize condensation problems.

Borg - CPAP hoses gone crazy The added padding of a Tubesock helps quiet knocks against the headboard, and protects the hose from snags.

This guy is a Borg.  Tame your CPAP and you'll be happier than he is.

Click here for our complete line of Tube Socks

All Tubesock hose covers fit a standard 6ft hose.   Quantities are limited, though, and may be retired (to a nice community home in New England) at any time.

Need a longer cover for your CPAP/BIPAP machine?  No problem.  We do special orders too.  Send us a note with the details and we'll get right on it.